Avoid these Common HVAC Mistakes that Cost Homeowners Money

Your HVAC system is vital to keeping you comfortable year-round. Being proactive about the health of your home system can save you both stress and money.

Here are a few common HVAC mistakes that homeowners unknowingly fall into and a bit of advice on avoiding them.

Mistake: Skipping the annual maintenance.

Often homeowners cancel or don’t bother to schedule an annual check-up because everything seems to be working just fine. The truth is that preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your systems performs optimally year-round and helps avoid expensive repairs by catching small issues before they turn into big problems.

A check-up that includes cleaning lubricating and inspecting all the working parts prolongs the life of your system.

Mistake: Ignoring warning signs like strange sounds and odd smells.

If your furnace or air conditioner is making a lot of noise, it’s crying out for help. When a heating and cooling system is running properly, you shouldn’t hear loud noises.  Likewise, a well-functioning unit will not make the air smell stale, stagnant, dusty or mildewed.

Covering up the odor or turning up the tunes or the TV is not the answer.  Call an experienced HVAC technician in at the first sign of noise or odor. They are trained to evaluate the situation and help you catch the problem early and avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Mistake: Using internet videos and “HVAC hacks” to try and save money.

Whether it is a home improvement project or a needed repair, some things are truly best left to the experts.  HVAC technicians have the training, tools, and expertise to diagnose and fix, extend or improve your system, most homeowners do not.

Sadly, many of the HVAC hacks and how-to videos found on the Internet only provide a temporary solution at best and may cause further damage to your system, making major repairs or even replacement necessary.

Be proactive this year.

Your HVAC system will thank you for taking care of it and reward you with superior air quality throughout the year.  NorCal Mechanical is always on call to schedule a maintenance visit or deal with a needed repair. We specialize in finding solutions that work for you.

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