Humidity: Controlling it is not only a summer issue

Overly dry air is one of the worst aspects of winter. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also cause real problems for your health and the health of your home and its contents. Both portable and central humidifiers help keep the humidity in the ideal range from 30 to 50 %. Below 30% humidity problems quickly multiply.


Dry air feels cooler, so you turn up the thermostat, but still feel a chill because the moisture is evaporating more quickly off your skin. Not only does that evaporation make you feel chilled, but it also causes annoying dry, itchy skin, which can crack and become infected.


When humidity drops, bacteria and viruses have an extended lifespan and have a better chance of surviving and invading your body.  There’s a reason why winter is cold and flu season. Humidified air can reduce winter illnesses for your family and make your home a healthier place to be.  It will also protect your possessions from static electricity which builds up in the dry air and can damage computers, cell phones, and other devices with low-voltage components.


Controlling humidity also protects wood floors, furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments and artwork, all of which are susceptible to shrinkage, cracking and other damage that could need costly professional repairs.


A central humidifier generally offers the most energy efficiency and convenience since it attaches to your home’s existing HVAC system.  Most of them use little additional energy, run off of tap water and fill automatically, so they are very low maintenance and allow you to regulate the humidity throughout the house with ease.


Result: lower heating bills, a healthier environment and a healthier, more comfortable family.

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