Hybrid Heating Systems

California leads the nation in earth-friendly options of all sorts, and heating is no exception. One of the energy saving choices you can consider is a Hybrid Dual-Fuel heating system. The industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and Hybrid systems are worth getting excited about.

What is a Hybrid Dual-Fuel System?
It is an innovative furnace made up of a heat pump for electricity-fueled heating and cooling, a gas furnace, an evaporator coil, and control. It allows us to have the best of both systems, better for the environment and better for your wallet.

Why is a Hybrid Dual-Fuel System Furnace better for the environment?  Basically, it uses less energy than a conventional system. It is, literally, a hybrid of two different furnace systems created to save on energy (and bills). That said, there are advantages and disadvantages to heat pumps and gas furnaces, and this particular option brings the best of both while doing away with their shortcomings of wasteful energy.

How does a Hybrid Dual-Fuel System Furnace save money? 

Hybrid Dual-Fuel Systems combine gas and electricity to give you more control over your utility bills. How? Furnaces which run solely on gas can be very, very expensive, but are more efficient when the temperatures are below 40 degrees. Electric heat pumps, on the other hand, are much more affordable but do not work efficiently when outside temperatures plummet. In the San Jose area temperatures are rarely below freezing, which means a heat pump is usually the most efficient way to warm our homes. With a Hybrid Dual-Fuel system, when temperatures occasionally drop below that nearly-freezing point, the gas furnace kicks in to provide heat more economically. This furnace system is designed to automatically select the most economical fuel source—electric or gas—so you get maximum efficiency for a lot less of your hard-earned cash than traditional single fuel furnaces. 

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