Choosing a New Heating System

A home heating system no matter how well maintained will eventually wear out. When it does it needs to be replaced, many people feel it is easier to replace their heating systems with the same type but that may not be the best plan.


Before you replace your system, it’s wise to consult an HVAC professional who can help you sort through the available options and make the best choice for heating and cooling your home. You can choose two separate delivery systems or one that can provide both warming and cooling functions. Knowing which type of heating/cooling works best will provide your home and family with desired comfort levels at the most economical cost.


Modern heating systems can be very effective and efficient. Many modern systems are even designed to take on comfort control when you are not at home and allow you to adjust the temperature automatically to suit your needs. There are programmable thermostats, smartphone apps, and a wide variety of ever growing combinations.


Heating systems generally fall into one of three types: furnaces, heat pumps, and radiant heating.
  • A furnace is a device that takes air from a home through a series of ducts and vents. The air is pulled into an area where it is warmed and then circulated throughout the building.
  • Heat pumps come in two different types: an air source and a ground source. An air source heat pump utilizes ambient outer air. They are a good match for homes in milder and warm climates. Ground source heat pumps, or geothermal heat pumps, use temperatures from below the surface to heat a house.
  • Radiant heat also comes in many different forms. It can be found in radiant baseboard heat, hydronic systems, and radiant ceiling or floor heat.

Getting the right heating system for your particular home will allow you to enjoy it in comfort. The correct heating system also allows for maximum heat output that won’t lead to filing for bankruptcy. There are a lot of different heating units available in the modern HVAC market.

Don’t let the decision to replace or have a new heating system installed be a stressful one. Your HVAC professional is educated on the pros and cons of each type and knows what works best in your climate for your type of house and budget!

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