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When I arrived on site in Los Gatos, CA for my first visit the customers Hydronic System was not working, it had been giving them trouble for some time and had finally failed completely when they called us to the site.

We were able to determine that one of the primary causes of the system being non-operational was a significant amount of soot build up. The soot build up occurred due to an incorrectly adjusted LP Gas System that was not adjusted correctly at the burners to burn with a clean flame.

We disassembled the burners and gas assembly and cleaned and recalibrated everything to operate as good as new. Not only were the owners able to keep their existing system with a little routine maintenance it should be operational for years to come. They will also see a reduction in their gas bill from a cleaner burning system.

Routine maintenance and cleaning of their system could have prevented this from happening. If you are a member of our Priority Partner Program, this is a repair call you can avoid.

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